Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Up For Northern Mara Conservancy.

Once again this year had some good news for wild dogs the painted wolves as Jonny call them.

Just yesterday morning the dogs were mating not shy at all near the hills at very north of Mara north.

We wish this species will make it some day it will fe
ed the main mara once they are many and force by food such to get to the reserve.




Laikipia said...

That's such good news Jackson

Thanks for letting us know.

littlewid said...

Brilliant news Jackson, lets hope the mating will mean more Wild Dogs back in the Mara :-)

Olivier Delaere said...

I knew that 2010 would be a great one !
This may be the alpha pair ?

Another good news to add to my special "wild dog puppies" page (click on my name to see it)

Anonymous said...

fab news about the wild dogs Jackson!wish i was there coz i am bored of the freezing weather in the UK!!
Apesey x

MJParrish said...

Jambo Jackson,
I agree with you. It would be so good to see the "Painted Wolves" make a come back in the Mara.
They are indeed wonderful creatures and deserve their place in the wild kingdom.
Saalems, Mike in Texas USA

lin said...