Thursday, 7 January 2010


Dear friends,

Its nearly an hour when I so olive on our side of the river a lone its now three days since we so the cubs.
Un like the lions or cheetah cubs who are very much mum depended, leopards cubs can stay for a few days before the come together with there mother.
The cubs are both boys and soon we start giving them names so exiting between me and Paul and the rest of our officers in the mara.

We will keep you updated on the cubs,

Just yesterday we found a young male cub which was kill near the crossing area and we think the mother went too close to Notch and his boys and that was the out come poor thing.

To update you on the ridge pride boys and girls well they are doing fantastic, in the last week we have found them on two occasions with young buffaloes it is amazing to follow them now.
Right at the cross roads before they all go deferent ways with there three sisters.




Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson!
Fingers crossed the leopard cubs are fine, luckily you don't sound concerned.
sad about the young male, though that is the nature of your office isn't it?
glad ridge pride doing so well.
Apesey xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackson hope the cubs will be ok. Have you seen Binti recently? Undoubtedly my favourite leopard

Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson,
It is so good to see Olive doing well, and with cubs too. Sad to hear of the young male cub's death, but that is part of life in Kenya.
We also heard today of the young American woman killed by an elephant in Kenya.It is also tragic, but the female elephant was only protecting her young calf.
Saalems Mike in Texas, USA

Laikipia said...

Jambo Jackson

Thanks for the update, sad news about the young cub

Asante sana

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Thanks for the news. As already said you don't sound too concerned about Olives cubs so hopefully they are ok.
Sad to hear about the little male cub RIP Little one xxxx
Also good to know the Ridge Pride are doing well.

Jacula said...

Thanks for keeping things going re the updates, Jackson. It's much appreciated.

Mags said...

Jambo Jackson and a very Happy New Year, a bit late I know but I am happy to say that I have been spending time organising a safari in September. I will be visiting Samburu and the Mara once again and cant tell you how excited I am. I am enjoying your Blog and hope that maybe we can soon see you on the tv again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackson,
i was wondering if you knew of a lion cub called solo from an earlier season of big cat diary and if he ever became a pride male?

Anonymous said...

We saw Olive in Sept 08. She had 2 cubs w/ her, different ages. Would they have been Binti and Kali?

lin said...