Friday, 5 February 2016

Dear Friends, I am back to be seeing the Marsh Pride on regular basis, I will so glade to make updates on what's happening with this large pride in the Maasai Mara, Asanti Sana, Na Karibu,


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!! Are there any new developments with the people who poisoned the pride in December? I've seen on Facebook the cubs of Chemi Chemi and Yaya (adorable)! What about Bahati & Malaika?
Thanks for your work! MKL

Riaan Nysschens said...

Hi Jackson. How do I get hold of you? Please email me.



Rob@Masai Mara Migration said...

Hi Jackson. How is the pride doing now. The swamp is such a great real estate for any lion pride due to the high prey presence and easy of hunting. This makes it one of the most highly coveted territory for many lion prides and fights are many for control of this prime location. I wonder how the pride is doing now. ..any updates?

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