Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mara News

Dear Friends, The high season had just ended with many camps having some business others not so good, after my long travel to the Far East, US and UK my business had grown amazing, I remember trying to be polite in Singapore when my hosts who had been so nice to me introduce some interesting sea food, While it's nice to be a little advatures on other cultures foods, well it was not going that well for a maa man who was brought up drinking Milk and some little blood, to date I still wander how someone venture on eating crabs, and there long no so much beautiful legs, in fact we had to use a heavy duty players to break the exoskeleton to get the meat, Well leave that a lone and hope to see this guest some time in my office while I take them to enjoy our Natural world, Our Local prides are dong well, starting from Lemek it's impressive two new males and lots females soon we will have new Cubs arrive, Mara North two prides are flourishing Acacia pride which had broke into small groups and an impressive pride near Offbeat Mara with two beautiful males and lots of Cubs, The Marsh pride did a little poor this time round, with scar injured a few years ago he left to the Mara Triangle and followed his brothers Sikio, Hunter and Morani, We had watch helpless our strong pride in the Maasai Mara break into small groups in such of food and habitat while the night becomes a cattle range in Kenya famous National reserve, How disappointed we are all from all walks of professional, film makes, Photographers, and normal holiday makes, I had spent most of my game drives in the unique Mara Triangle and to tell the Truth it's the most well run National reserve in Eastern Africa, well done to the people involved Brian Hearth being the CEO and his dear team of brave men and women, The river Pride also known as the Ridge Pride or Rekero Pride, is severing with a lot of presure, any lion's within Topi Plains, Rhino ridge, streach to Bila Shaka had been push by night cattle grasses towards the west on the the Mara River, As a result the prides are push into very small tight conners and a lot of conflict are witness, This pride have no otherwise but to cross the Mara River to the Mara TrI angle, Olkiomo Pride which was taken over by the little Nortch Boys not so much little any more, are also seen rather in difficult times as they turn into Noctanal this pride move between Kanga below figtree and the Uclea forest above Olkiomo a long the Takek River, The Little Notches have now taken over Double Cross pride forcing David and Nick out to Olare Orok Motorogi Conservancy, The old Chiefs Notch old boys are down to three after Bob also known as Grim died on a natural cause, the Chiefs had dominated half of the Mara game reserve and now heading to Nothern Serengeti, in the last few days we had seen them most of the time on Look out hill and some days we follower until they cross the Kenya Tanzania Baoundary, into the Serengeti, In the Office for the last few years we had some good migration but this year had been the best I had seen in twenty years, action was fantastic, big Crossing like we had never witness, the good news in Kenya was we had few death a crossing the Mara River, But I had seen some disaster crossing on social media in Northern Serengeti, More t come on our spotted cats, Asanti Sana, Jackson Ole Loosyia,


Mike Attwood said...

Wonderful to hear from you again Jackson. Keep up the good work.

Jacula said...

Great to hear from you again, Jackson. I love keeping up with the news. And, re your food adventures... isn't it funny how we gag when trying something different from what we are used to? I'd eat crab but I'd be sick to the stomach at the thought of trying milk and blood.

Michael said...

Hi Jackson thanks for the update.
are Notches boys still along the Telek river or moved on.
Grim is that Grimace?

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Michael ,
On the blog I had explain where they are, way out towards to Mara New Bridge Look out and the TZ Kenya Baoundary,
Asanti Sana Rafiki,

Michael said...

Sad news this week Malaika lost one of her cubs crossing the Talek river.

michael said...

more sad news from the Mara rip Bibi Sienna & Alan

Robkamau said...

I just read your article now and i couldn't help laughing at poor Jackson, brought up on meat, milk and blood having to be polite and each crabs and lobsters. Must have been an experience there. How is business now? You must be doing well.

Rob@Marariverstampede said...

Hi Jackson,

You must be really busy of late. Your blog seems to need some love lately. Kindly update on the masai mara migration for 2017. Someone told me that the wildebeest didn't go back last year although im sure mara cannot support such a large number year round. Are these rumours true?

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