Monday, 18 February 2013

Now Malaika have a young Male, one other Cheetah in Mara North have one young Male, Tatu at Olkju Rongai have 2 boys and one female, Narasha have 2 girls, Most of the Cheetah in the are are Males but we have 4 mums which will help to populate the area nice, Our Shingo boys went to Mara Triangle and as I got the updates from there they have a total of 16 Cheetah more than we have in our large area, We have not had much of problems on them lately tough the Wood all goes well coming months, Cheetahs can break your heart so early since they are very venerable to all other large predators.


judy, ocala, florida, usa said...

Hope they all grow up fast, healthy and strong.

April Griffiths said...

Jambo Jackson,
glad to hear all the cats are doing so well. gorgeous photos as normal.
Take care,Apesey x

shaun said...

Just re-watched the dvd's. RIP Tito! Little legend