Saturday, 28 July 2012

Our very own JACKSON, with the Nomadic Encounters Mobile Camp, is hosting a “Jackson Five Mara West Encounter” focused on the Western Mara for it’s prime migration viewing possibilities. From the 23rd – 28th September 2012 the Nomadic Encounter mobile camp will be located below the Western escarpment of the Mara Conservancy.
Jackson will be taking the opportunity to explore the Mara Conservancy..., and to lead a small group of no more than 8 people into a part of this eco system that is more rarely visited by our guests. This game rich area lies on the west side of the Mara River and was the location of the second Disney camp when they were filming ‘African Cats’.
The significance of choosing this site at this time of the year is no secret – it is, of course, the normal route for the great wildebeest migration, and one of the pivotal times and locations in this great annual cycle.
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xxJuanVsWildxx said...

I wish I could go, it seems like it would be so amazing.