Friday, 15 July 2011

Good bye and soon you will see in Naboisho

Enoolera Pride have three wanderful young Males and I had follen in love with them too.
When I meet them first they run into the bushers not wanting any thing to do with people and cars.
Slowlly I had to make some friendship with them every now and them night and also evening all a lone,
This is way to aproach the wildlife when they are shy and been expose to a lot of dangers in there life.

Now they know we are not bad people we are here for them I do believe sending this message animals will communicate in a different way.

Its not that easy a good study of behavior take time and love to conservation is the Magic.
Now I have left them in good health matting and ready to bread and be a very strong pride.

Looking forward to visit them soon and for all of you who will be visiting handle them with care.

Love to you all, My friends,

Jackson Looseyia.


Mike Attwood said...

Wonderful posts again Jackson. Good luck.

Laikipia said...

Three wonderful updates, lovely photos and fantastic news.

Thanks Jackson it is so exciting to hear about Naboisho.

Looking forward to visiting one day.


cherry said...

love them!!!
When can I see these magnificent Leos in real life??
I can only dream.. sigh...
You have the best job in the word Jackson!

Carlotta said...

Thank you Jackson for blogging!!!! I dream one day to visit the Mara and see these beautiful animals with my own eyes. For now I will see through yours. Please keep blogging and posting pictures!


Anonymous said...

I watced movie last knight and saw a few things I never saw befor it was called lion army battle to survive a pride of 26.they try to take down a hippo but the teens were not helping then one of the best hunter got her head in thmouth of ahippo 2000 lbs she had a cracked skull hurt eye and a hole in her throatthat went through then one of the males shows@ the wrong kind of interest in his aunt.the injured cat made it after a week but still under stress she starts to roar then the other female they needed help and got it a few moments later 2 big brothers show up they are the teens father and right away lets them know play is over.

Anonymous said...

ok have you jackson seen a lion that got her headin an hippo or I should ask have you ever seen a lioness recover from a cracked skull injuried eye and a hole throuh her throat help from humans in a week she was hunting again and what a cat she was in the lead but before that while she was on the mend she started roaring then the other females started in and surprise there was some roaring back and to my you it was the two brothers that brlong to this pride they came they put the teens in there plase and run off the 3 older boys.i was amazed nobody has ever shown that part come when called.

Anonymous said...

did anybody watch lion army battle to survive a pride of 26 1 lioness gets really hurt trying to bring down the the females all start to roar a call for help the teen are of no help and i was shocked to hear roars from afar it's two brothers .and this is there pride they but the kids in line fast no more play and they well help at the hunt and three that were showing signs of sexual maturety were runoff just as it should be no insest and did you know lions can get tuberculosis in the movie one did and tried to sneak off aloan so her family wouldn't hurt that shows self awareness and the othere showed self presereation. And sympathy

Anonymous said...

can you tell us about keke who raised 3 cubs to adults or her mother amber.and chuey bellas son I was glad to see her grandson paja I thought he was chuey. And shadow half tails daughteror sofy shadows daughter I did see notch and his boys are doing fine.what about bebe and her cubs and I would love to see and hear about cheeza and sala I know this is crazy but I fell in love with these cats and watch every big cat show on I got hurt and could no longer work I poured my life into my grandsons I even lived with them the marriage broke up and the father took away my jarod gossett who is nine all I know is there in utah so I love .

Anonymous said...

I saw this show last knight where a jakal was harrassing this leopard who just want to get his or hers dinner and breakfast safe but as we saw to many times the jakals started in but this time the leopard had enough and sorry but did what I wanted to see for a long time remember when scar got back with his boys and every morning the hyenass would harrass our teens then two big males came into the mara and when the hyenass started in one of the big males killed the female leader iwas very happy to see that.just as happy for the leopard last knight I just get tired of seeing our big cat not getting the respect they earn..

Anonymous said...

does any one remember the show on great moms I canot remember witch cheetah it was amber the queen her daughter keke who took on a lion for her cubs or honny I am so sorry to she died at a vets blunder.bebe the lioness took on to full grown lions.i can't remember the leopard of the show or the other 2 stars any body out there remember the show just leave your coment.thank you and of course a big thanks to you jackson

Anonymous said...

hey guys iwatch every lion show I can or even if just going to have anyof the big cat and you know what I have been seeing over and over there are film crews stilling big cat diary shots and a few others like the other knight the deadly 60she didi not get one shot of a kill so he ripped your show off and he shows a leopard going strait up a tree with a large kill and it was bella I remember because saba made a big deal of it plus here in the usa we are still geting reruns and I've seen tht lion kill that zebra on big cat diary.what a rip off. Your friend bren