Friday, 1 April 2011

Cheetah in Naboisho Conservancy

Before we had our breakfast In Naboisho camp, we found yet another star from the guiding school area. A mother with 5 cubs, just imagine the fun looking at this young Cheetahs play hid and seek.
You can tell clearly this mum have not see a lot of cars she was shy and not giving any time at all good for her.
When we meet her right in the open she started walking towards the safe heaven she always new, the Acacia thorn tree line of forest in the Area.
As you all know how had this days to see Cheetahs I am glad to meet this ones at Naboisho.

The cubs did not care if we are there or not it was playing time, this group had done so well I could not believe my eyes what I was looking at after some long days and had drives in the Mara without any Cheetah.
The affect on Cars surrounding this species is very clear most of them had left to quiet place like Naboisho, Bless the people who had work had to form this heaven for our animals.

Cubs can be entertaining, heart breaking, and lovable, in any away for someone like me who love this animals I was over the Moon.

I would still suggest we help our National reserve to bring the glory back to our enjoyment also for the future of our Children and there, just like this one I had at Naboisho.

Kind regards.

Jackson Looseyia.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, as always, thank you for your updates Jackson! Any official word on Lisbey? I've seen some posts that she is, indeed, dead. Life is indeed very hard in the African bush.

Pleasant day/evening everyone!

Mike Attwood said...

Lovely pictures as usual Jackson.
Always good to read your blog.

Zawadi said...

Hi Jackson,
Any news on Olive, Binti and Ayah? or Cheza and Sala? Also have you been able to locate Lisbey? Also who are the marsh pride males right now?

Jackson Looseyia said...

Hi Anonymous,

I thought the same too but since I have not see it still have some hopes may be another one not Lisbey.
I meet some one who is a spotter on a film company in Nairobi he said to me last month Lisbey is a live some where near Rhino Ridge I said until I have seen the prove my self she is still missing in my file.
Thank you for your comment.

Kind Regards,


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Zawadi,

I have still not seen Binti for nearly a year now, Ayah for nearly two years, Cheza and Sala for 7 months but they are fine still at OOC conservancy,
Lisbey is still missing for the time I have try to see if I can meet her all did not bear any fruits.
I still hope.
Zawadi is back to double gouge believe to have given birth there I went twice both time not seen her I was looking forward to meet this old friend.

Kind regards,


Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear Zawadi,

At the same time Olive is fine she had lost one of the little cubs,
Its now conform we have meet her a few times and its now just one cub with NKayoni.
Bless her she did so well,


Jackson Looseyia.

Laikipia said...

It's wonderful to learn about the cheetahs in Naboisho - and some lovely photos.

Thanks Jackson.

Tabitha said...

I have a much deeper regard for cheetahs after watching Big Cat Diary and Big Cat Live. Its great to hear about such a big, happy family! Thanks Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackson, i am a big fan from California, i wanted to ask, what do we gotta do to get more footage on Male cheetah coalition taking down larger prey like zebra, eland, impalas, wilderbeast....ETC ?

With respect

Sheri Lynne said...

I am really glad to read your comment that Cheza and Sala are okay - they were two of my favorites from BCD. I do hope that Big Cat Diary returns in the future in some format. It seems that there are so many fans of the show ... I wish we could do something to convince BBC to make another episode/mini-series!