Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lisbey is Missing


The Main Marsh Pride is now amazing strong just kill a female buffalo in the marsh yesterday. This are White, Charm, Bibi and the young cub cubs.
White is looking very strong now than ever as bibi is.


The one member we now know is missing is Lisby we have been looking for it for nearly a month and bit but no sign yet however before we over rule and say she in not with us any more lets just give it a little more time to find her.

White Eye.

Next on the missing list are two of the graces I think they are just around the conner some where not far.
This pride do goes in and out of the reserve its had for the Rangers to track them all the time, especially at night when they go and cause trouble with our local people.


Jackson Looseyia.


Mike Attwood said...

I hope all is well with the missing lions

Shaba said...

I do hope you find her jackson

Anonymous said...

Oh me, I hope Lisby is found safe and sound soon. I love the pictures of Bibi and White Eye and the gorgeous pictures of the cheetahs.

Thank, as always, for the updates!

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear. Hope there is a happy ending

Anonymous said...

o dear hope you find them :(

are those three cheetahs together or not? its been ages i dunno anymore, and is it ever coming back on tv does anyone know

Sarah said...

This is my first time reading your blog Jackson, and I am so so happy to hear Bibi is still alive and well. I feel in love with her and her cubs in the series years ago and am so glad to hear she is alive and happy with the pride!!! Hope the others turn up and are safe too!
Sarah =^..^=

Kimberley said...

Hi Jackson, has anyone seen Tamu lately? How are her boys doing? Her and Honey I feel in love with, and I know of Honey's sad story but i'm waiting to hear some good news on Tamu.

Mercy said...

I love the photos Jackson there so lovely! keep up wit the good job.

Endoscopic Face Lift said...

I love the pictures of Bibi and White Eye